About Us

Cerberus Plural is a mass media clearing house for plural content in the world. We’ll review the article, film, etc. and let you know what is relevant to plurals, stumbling blocks or stigmatization in the original content, & what content you need to be prepared for.

Who Are We?

Independent plural activists reporting on various forms of plurality that show up in major media sources, including the news, national & international magazines and news outlets, in film whether fiction, non-fiction, or documentary, etc.  Feel free to become one of our contributing authors.

Editorial Staff

Cerberus Plural was founded as a joint effort between Nu Upsilon Xi (The Sorority), The Crisses, and Irenes.

Who is Spot& Cerberus?

Cerberus (aka Kerberos) is typically depicted as a 3-headed dog who guards the gates of Hades.  Spot& (pronounced “Spot-and” short for Spot-and-company meaning all of their heads) is our affectionate nickname for Cerberus, and like any good watchdog, they tell us when anything is coming close to the plural community.  Spot& posts media-neutral review articles on behalf of anyone who does not want or need their name on their article.