Image of article from Today Online headlined "How the Drama Kin Tries to do Right to People with Dissociative Identity Disorder" showing a 5-snapshot blurred and morphed spread of the DID character Dr. Shen through the appearance of headmate Yang.

DID represented on Kin (soap opera, Singapore)

According to Today Online, Singaporean soap opera Kin on Mediacorp network has decided to change the character Dr. Shen to have dissociative identity disorder. The character was not planned out from episode 1 to have DID; it’s been tacked on to a private character who has been withholding information from their past to be revealed in future seasons.

According to the interview with Kin executive producer Tan Wei-Lyn, they’ve committed an all-to-familiar gaff as seen in other TV & movies: scriptwriters, directors and actors watched YouTube videos by plurals to farm information on what DID appears as, but did not contact the channel owner& directly for script or character feedback or input. They also go on to say they want to stay away from making their DID character violent & committing the atrocities of other fictional media using DID characters.

Some plurals respond to these situations with an outcry for producers, scriptwriters & actors to reach out to hire plurals as consultants and compensate them for their time fairly rather than have copyrighted content plagiarized and used as “inspiration porn for profit.” Protestors say it wouldn’t take much out of a production budget to fairly compensate individual plurals for their time rather than take advantage of a disabled population who is often living below the poverty level.

Kin, according to Wikipedia, airs on Mediacorp Channel 5 every weeknight at 8:30pm in Singapore.

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