Cosmopolitan article "I Have 13 Different Identities Living Inside of Me. Here's What Our Lives Are Like" and a photo of The Labyrinth System at the top of the article.

Screenshot of the Cosmopolitan article interviewing The Labyrinth System.

Cosmo Interviews The Labyrinth System — October 2018

Cosmopolitan writer Rose Minutaglio interviews The Labyrinth System about their experiences of plurality.

In addition to the interview with The Labyrinth System, there is background coverage of what dissociative identity disorder (DID) is, that it arose from the former multiple personality disorder (MPD) diagnosis, a brief interview with a person at Stanford University without mentioning whether he is a specialist in DID. His mention of “fragmentation” implies his knowledge about DID may be outdated.

Article uses The Labyrinth System’s given name, Amelia&, repeatedly as a name for the group without being clear whether they are comfortable with it. Amelia and Scarlet of Labyrinth System are co-hosts.

The Labyrinth System is a YouTuber and local school circuit speaker with 13 residents at the time of the article.  The article is very plural-positive overall, and gives a great deal of coverage of The Labyrinth System’s voice. Their birth-mother, and Scarlet’s partner Max& are also interviewed.

Content Warning: there are mentions of suicide (and statistics thereof), troubled residents, memory loss, self-harm (mildly graphic), mental health issues, trauma, the Jekyll/Hyde trope in Split, chronic pain, etc.

Labyrinth System was also featured in a Charlotte Observer (USA) article on October 14, 2016.

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