ScreenRant article on Dark Phoenix by Thomas Bacon

ScreenRant article on Dark Phoenix by Thomas Bacon

ScreenRant on Dark Phoenix/Jean Grey — XMen

ScreenRant reports on the upcoming film, Dark Phoenix, and director Simon Kinberg prepared for the Jean Grey/Phoenix character.  In a classic misuse of the words “schizoid personality” also alongside the experiences of hearing voices and “multiple personality disorder” references. Kinberg compares the film in mood to Logan, which is worthy of content warnings for elder abuse issues and traumatizing the people one cares about (even if it was supposedly for good reasons).

Dark Phoenix, which is set for release on June 07, 2019, may deserve similar content warnings for dark, disturbing content.

The original article is sourced after presentations by the film crew at Terra Zero comic convention in São Paulo, Brazil.

Content Warning: article is comic-book canon intensive, and may contain significant spoilers to those who only watch the movies. Interactions between Jean& and others are mentioned, which may spoil the movie for moviegoers.

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