Guardian article: "Rupert, Rupert & Rupert review — disorder rules in identity satire"

Guardian article: "Rupert, Rupert & Rupert review — disorder rules in identity satire"

3 Ruperts direct to Video in UK — April 2019

The new British film being released direct-to-video is more of a dramedy than thriller film, which is a boon — but appears to also be somewhat unrealistic as the lead role Rupert& is an actor who has amnesiac switching and 2 headmates, and unwittingly relies on switching in order to get a part in a play. Around the same time (give-or-take, all we have to go on is a trailer), Rupert& gets a new therapist and is making progress in therapy so swiftly that getting better is putting their career at risk. This in itself says that there was little homework done, and absolutely no experts-by-experience consulted before Mick Sands wrote the screenplay.

The Guardian article incorrectly states that DID is an “extremely rare condition” and says that it’s insulting to people with this disorder. While the progress made in therapy may be unrealistic, it would require a person with DID to call whether the comedy is more true-to-life than insulting.

It’s supposedly out on April 26th, direct-to-video “on VOD” but what venue is not mentioned (unless that’s the venue).

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