Variety article by Joe Otterson announcing Crazy Jane actress Diane Guerrero

Crazy Jane actress Diane Guerrero announced — July 2018

Joe Otterson of Variety announces that Diane Guerrero from Orange is the New Black will play “Crazy Jane” in DC Universe’s Doom Patrol series.  There are no content warnings for the Variety article.

According to Wikipedia, the character Kay& Challis aka Jane Morris aka “Crazy Jane” (based on Truddi Chase from When Rabbit Howls) has dissociative identity disorder (DID) and has 64 (known) people in their plural system, each with a different superpower. Note that the Wikipedia article on “Crazy Jane” contains potential adult content (for mentions of sex) and mentions of the fictional childhood traumas/abuses and various situations the fictional character endured.

There’s no sign of Crazy Jane being a Jekyll/Hyde trope character.  This appears to be a “proper” DID superhero character.

Update December 21, 2018: Doom Patrol premiers on February 15, 2019 on DC Universe. For a peek at Diane Guerrero as “Crazy Jane” see this brief article at with enclosed video teaser (no content warnings required).

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