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AU Plural has Perp Extradited and He Pleads Guilty — March 2019

As reported by DailyMail Australia, Jennifer& Haynes brought their father up on charges in Australia in a case of ongoing abuse said to be so shocking that they could not have a jury for fear the jury would be traumatized.

The perp — who was charged as a sexual offender in the UK for issues with another child there and refused admittance back to Australia — was extradited from the UK, and brought up on 84 offenses. In a court case in which Jennifer&’s others also gave statements and evidence, he pled guilty to 25. He will be sentenced on May 23.

Jennifer& chose to be public and have their name posted, warning perps around the world that children remember, people will come forward, and they will pay for their crimes.

Content warning: The article is not incredibly well-informed about dissociative identity disorder (DID), and makes some mistakes. A high-level hint of some of the abuses, age range of 7 years of childhood, and threats against telling. Slight biases like calling the 74-year-old father “elderly” while later mentioning him smirking during testimony against him that might elicit sympathy from some readers or enrage others.  The DailyMail Australia article is here.  There are other articles about the case, before the guilty plea. These are listed with and without content warnings below.

  • Much more detailed Sydney Morning Herald article, including more details of Jennifer&s system, more photos including of them as a child, and may contain more about abuse allegations. https://www.smh.com.au/national/woman-to-use-multiple-personalities-in-evidence-against-abusive-father-20190301-p51156.html
  • https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/woman-with-multiple-personalities-gives-evidence-against-her-father-s-sexual-offending-20190301-p5113t.html


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